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Fire Regime and Climate Change Impacts

Fire is an integral part of many ecosystems and is even a requirement for certain organisms’ life cycles. Anthropogenic climate change has increased the severity and frequency of fire with consequences for natural systems and human populations. This has been magnified by high profile fires in the Amazon, Australia, and California. More severe fire hasContinue reading “Fire Regime and Climate Change Impacts”


Forest Response to Climate Impacts in the Anthropocene

Since trees, like corals in the ocean, form the physical structure of many terrestrial biomes, their response to climate change will be vital in understanding effects on ecosystems. Along with their more conventional ecological role as primary producers and physical habitats, trees provide global services such as Carbon, Nitrogen, and water storage. These factors whichContinue reading “Forest Response to Climate Impacts in the Anthropocene”

Body Changes in Migratory Song Birds

As the global climate undergoes significant, wide-ranging changes from human activities, the effect on the biosphere, or collection of ecosystems and the organisms that inhabit them, is being examined to observe ecological responses. A recent study from the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) used an interesting data set of migratory songContinue reading “Body Changes in Migratory Song Birds”